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@JesseReevesFF @EtanMozia @pahowdy You get better by listening to smart people like Peter and Etan who do things differently than you do... Yes-men don’t promote growth. If your strength is my weakness, then you become my strength. (Plus, that Kentucky accent is euphonious.)

I got the best balls, don’t believe me?

Bestball strategies with some Maniacs on @PlayDraft !

Does that guy have a Shield?!?

Are Positional advantages worth it?

MOM, the meatloaf...I want it!

Try not to laugh, bet you can’t do it!

The @Patriots Sony Michel missed offseason workouts due to a knee scope. He will be 100% come preseason. This is unfortunately pretty common as these guys develop meniscal injuries that they don’t want to address during season. I’ll do a video on him in July for @TheFantasyDRS

Follow train hump day edition!


Bunch of new followers last couple weeks. Welcome all and thanks.

If you're not already listening to the podcast check Ep 41, it's the most recent one that gives you a sense of what I'm about.

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Check out the latest @SuperFlexPod with myself, @DFF_Swag and @kyleFFfellas of @TheFFfellas

- #ItsOnlyJune News
- Over Valued Rookies
- Under Valued Vets
- #Superflex startup advice
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