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Again, but with Running Backs, rankings blending a few expert ranks with ranks from a score combining Breakout Age, Dominator Rating and Speed Score.
Not my own ranking. More tinkering. #Almostthere

@SuperFlexPod last show covered lots of #superflex #DynastyTrades with the madman himself @DFF_Madman and the rest of the crew @DFF_Swag and @TheRealHalupka

You need to just SUCK IT UP and HOLD ON to these players until their perceived value matches their actual production/potential:

- Devonta Freeman
- Marlon Mack
- Adam Thielen
- Jarvis Landry
- Kareem Hunt
- Cam Newton
- Trey Burton

Don't sell low.


Special guest ⁦@DynastyTheorist⁩ joins ⁦@Culture_Coach⁩ and I to talk some more #WR in the #NFLDraft2019

Alright so...NOT my final rankings. But the product of an experiment blending the rankings of a score produced by combining Dominator Rating, Breakout Age and Speed Score with several rankings I respect.
Not at all upset with the result. Just sharing my tinkering. #GettingCloser

Who's putting out your favorite Fantasy Football Rookie Rankings?
I've got a few that I like to check, but tell me who you think is best.
#Dynasty #FantasyFootball #NFLDraft

Final position of the “Make the Case for...” is covered in this article series where we look for the #1 Dynasty TE.

Love TEs or Hate them...having an elite starting option gives you a huge weekly advantage verse the majority of your league .

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