Dear FF Content Creators:


My name is Joshua, and I am the creator of Fusion Fantasy Football. I am writing this open letter to you because what I am trying to create directly touches upon you as a fantasy content creator. I wanted to make clear the purpose and intent of FusionFFB and, if possible, to get as much feedback as I can.

The idea behind FusionFFB is that the fantasy football analysis industry, be it written content or podcasts or even video, has exploded and there is so much content out there that it can be very difficult for the normal person to dredge through it all to garner more than just one or two opinions on any given topic. Many fantasy gamers end up only reading or listening to a few sources, if that, and who knows what they are getting for variety of opinion. But what if there was a source they could go to that puts in the time and effort into collecting these disparate perspectives into one place and shared them, all in an easy to absorb format? This would give control back to the fantasy gamers to let them make up their own minds. It would also inform them of what sources to seek out for more detailed information.

Currently the plan is a short frequent podcast, where notable topics of the day are reviewed with all major opinions shared by name. That is the key here, and it is why I am reaching out to you. FusionFFB does not create all of its own content. It summarizing and shares the arguments, points and observations made by different voices around the industry. A typical segment would introduce the topic and then introduce or name a source and then summarize their take on the topic and then repeat this for any differing views. Who we name for a representative source for a perspective that is common or shared by many would simply be whichever our editors think seemed to state it best. Major sources that agree may then be quickly listed as well. Here’s a quick example of a segment (in writing):

Over the weekend the Cleveland Browns made a number of big trades with some possibly big fantasy implications. A common question has been how Jarvis Landry’s trade will affect other offensive skill positions. Does this take points away from Corey Coleman or Duke Johnson, or even Njoku? Most seem to think it will, but its very hard at this point to know. The guys over at CDE Fantasy are lowering Coleman’s value the most, arguing his slot work will suffer the most and with Gordon being the primary outside receiver, Coleman will get caught in the middle as WR3. This is the majority view as at least the minimum we can deduce at this time. However, Njoku’s workload may not really change, as argued by John over at GHJ Fantasy. He offers the idea it may even help Njoku by freeing up space for him down the middle.” And so on.

I hope you can start to see that it is not FusionFFB’s intent to steal content. We are not trying to take your work and replace you. This isn’t fantasy sparknotes or reader’s digest where users don’t need to access your content directly anymore after listening to a 30 second round up of opinions. FusionFFB is something to listen to on your morning drive for under 15 minutes to help bring topics into focus. This is a network hub of sorts where listeners will learn of new content creators, of your content, and be encouraged to seek you out for your full opinion, not just on that topic, but for any topic in the future. I envision a sort of feedback loop where many new consumers will learn of you that otherwise would not.

Now what I am coming to you for, is to know your thoughts on this. I have written content myself and I understand how personal and important what we create is to each of us. I’ve tried my best to introduce myself and this project so that you won’t get the wrong impression or be surprised by it. More than anything, I desire to know your doubts, your misgivings, your suspicions. Clearly, this project will be dependent upon content creators. Without you, I have nothing to review and share. You, clearly, don’t need me nearly as much, in fact you may be tempted to say you don’t need me at all. You may think you have more to lose than to gain and you’ve done just fine without this. I can empathize with that. But even if you are wary, I hope you give me a chance to show you that my project can be a benefit to you.

I sincerely hope this will never be the case, but if at any time you do not want to be included by any name or reference in any FusionFFB content you can simply alert me and I will respect your wishes. You can also, at any time, ask to be included again.

Thanks for taking the time to hear me out and please contact me with as many comments or questions as you have.


Joshua @Generally_Aware

Fusion Fantasy Football

Twitter: @FusionFFB


PS: If anyone, or anyone you know, also consumes a lot of fantasy football content and would be interested in contributing to this project, please contact me. This project is made for collaboration and more people just means we can synthesize more content. I am focusing on podcast content now since that is what I do most, but eventually moving into written and video formats would be the end goal.