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FusionFFB exists to fill the gap between Fantasy Football content creators and their would be listeners, readers and viewers.

The world of Fantasy Football is exploding, and, along with it, those who are making new and interesting FF content with their own unique perspectives. Hours and hours worth of new articles, new podcasts and videos are being released every day.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

…unless some of us do. In fact, all of us do spend a little bit of time consuming all this content. But it’s far too much for any one person.

What if we could crowdsource our fantasy research? What if we could all share the major things we learned and all profit from new information and perspectives and theories that we never could have heard before? This is the goal of FusionFFB.

But for now its just one guy, Joshua (that’s me), listening to hours of podcasts on 2x speed every day, trying to remember and synthesize all I can so I can share it with all of you in my own podcast. I’m here for the content creators just as much as the consumers. I want people to find good content and there is a lot of it that is seen or heard as much as it should. I actively cite and promote all the sources that I draw on for my work.

You can find my Podcast: Fusion Fantasy Football on nearly all major sources (see bottom of page). I am using as my host and loving it.

  • If you are a fantasy football content creator then I urge you to read this Open Letter.
  • If you are a FF content junky and want to contribute to the FusionFFB project, contact me.
  • If you have a Podcast of your own and are interested in being highlighted in a Podcast Profile episode, also contact me and you can listen to past Podcast Profile episodes.