The Self Exam

There come times in our Fantasy Football lives where we must take stock of our health, refine our approach to healthy living, and strive for loftier wellness goals. We find the follies of our youth have caught up with us, and as we survey the landscape of our Fantasy Football body of work we see a championship deficiency, and perhaps a buildup of some unhealthy deposits across our rosters.

First and foremost, we must find that we are not as all-knowing as we think we are. It is easy to take confidence away from a successful rookie draft, a championship or two, or even a string of “really good trades”. However, if we cannot parlay those smaller successes into continued placing in the money then those smaller victories ring hollow. Even worse, they can lead to complacency. We lull ourselves into standing still in growing our knowledge base and process. This leaves us nowhere except left behind. 

The prescription for breaking out of this is a healthy dose of non complacency along with regular treatments of humility. Never assume you cannot get better or learn something new. Engage in healthy debate and be open to gain knowledge and perspective from those with opposing viewpoints. Repeat up to twice weekly as tolerated.

The prescription for breaking out of this is a healthy dose of non complacency along with regular treatments of humility.

The next step in our journey to a healthier Fantasy body is to avoid pitfalls that have become too commonplace in our community. The one that comes to mind at today’s visit is the fallacy of diversification. Too often, we as fantasy players overly concern ourselves with our “exposure” to a player or ensuring that our “portfolio” is properly diversified. We shudder at the thought of being too heavy on a particular team or individual player across the spectrum of our many teams. This broad view can be important in terms of making the game more fun or increasing your interest in more games on a weekly basis. However, it can often come at the expense of the strength of a particular team. You sacrifice what would actually better your team and its chances at a championship because you cannot take on one more share of “that player”. Take your medicine when you know it’s good for you, even when you do not like the taste. 

Be sure to visit the pharmacy regularly so that we can help you make healthy lifestyle choices. These can often be more important than even your medications at producing a healthy Fantasy Football body. Oh, and drink more water. Believe me you aren’t drinking enough water.

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