You have begun your journey to be a healthier Fantasy Football manager, and now we have to address a pair of ankle weights that are slowing you down. Both of them revolve around an obsession with youth. Society as a whole has a love affair with all things young, but its extension into Fantasy Football can prove to be unhealthy. It is time to embrace the seasoning of age, the experience that it brings, and the strength that comes with that experience. 

Draft picks have become an expensive commodity. They cost weeks worth of losses to create, and their street value only goes up as time goes by. It’s actually ironic that the older the pick itself gets, the more expensive it gets to buy youth. We go so far as to sell an arm and a leg for future draft capital. We often give up on years of production for the “what if” of future picks 2 or even 3 years out. Every move to exchange current production for a future mystery box is one step away from a championship. The medicine you have now works just fine. Don’t keep waiting for something better to come to market or you’ll always be waiting for wins. 

Along the same lines, there exists a fear of becoming too old among the Fantasy community. We constantly hustle to churn the age off of our rosters, and in the process we are also churning production off of our rosters. We have created these cliff ages for skill position players, and we try to get rid of them like a bad case of lice when they hit that cliff. We think we are taking dead weight off but we are really just handing out high level production to the other managers in our leagues. For reference, 12 of the top 24 running backs in PPR were age 25 or older during the 2020 season, and 13 of the top 24 wide receivers were age 26 or older. You are likely sending off that production value for lesser, albeit younger, production. Or even worse, waiting on future production. Age is only a number, and the only numbers that really matter in Fantasy Football are points and wins. 

Be sure to visit the pharmacy regularly so that we can help you make healthy lifestyle choices. These can often be more important than even your medications at producing a healthy Fantasy Football body. Oh, and go get some fresh air. You’ll thank me later.

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