Trading Treatment

Hey there! How has your Fantasy health been these past couple of weeks? Hopefully you’ve been taking your weekly doses of intellectual humility and avoiding those draft pick snacks like we talked about. We are going to continue building your off-season health plan today, and we are going to focus on your social-emotional fantasy health. Good league hygiene is important to your overall health.

An important part of our overall health is knowing who is around us. Have they been making safe decisions? Do they take care of themselves appropriately? The same is true in a Fantasy Football league. What healthy and unhealthy decisions do you league mates make and how can you best use those tendencies to your advantage? Who will overpay you for youth, and who can’t resist those old quarterbacks? It is crucial in knowing how to approach trade negotiations, and can even be useful in making waiver decisions. Poke and prod. Ask and ask again. The more you know about your competition the more you can exploit.

But there comes a point where exploitation is not the ultimate goal. Trading is not about “winning” the transaction. We all grow healthier when we all grow together. You should be looking for trade partners that you can cultivate for future transactions in mind. If your only goal is to crush them, they may not come knocking the next time around. Fantasy managers have long memories when it comes to bad trade partners. The perfect trade helps both teams, and you should not offer someone a trade that you would not accept yourself. A good pharmacist should never dispense a medication that they were not comfortable taking themselves if need be.

Be sure to visit the pharmacy regularly so that we can help you make healthy lifestyle choices. These can often be more important than even your medications at producing a healthy Fantasy Football body. And be sure to call or text your loved ones when you get the chance. Staying in touch with the ones who care about you can keep you going through a rough week.

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