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In 2020 Corey Davis had some of the best efficiency metrics in the NFL. 8th in yard per target at 10.7, 4th in yard per route run at 2.67 & 6th in fantasy points per route run at .52. When you cross check the efficiency metrics with opportunity metrics, it’s apparent Davis can still deliver more raw production.

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Every week we will be discussing Fantasy Football starts & sits, players to stream, DFS bargain plays as well as some players we believe are on the verge of breaking out. We will also be talking about this weeks betting lines and some locks of the week. Catch it LIVE Tuesday nights.

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Your job is simply to make your opponents pay the consequences for their bad decisions. You will more often than anyone be in a position to take the player that “should have been taken.” You don’t need to guess who the Turn or Whiplash are taking based on their team, because it’s too many picks out for that. You don’t need to change your picks according to them. You just need to focus on your list of players, and take the value as it comes.

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To be frank, the Whiplash spots are some of the most irritating spots to draft from. But the value of it’s advantages help make up for it. Yes, you have to worry about getting sniped around the Turn, but you get to snipe them first. Getting your guy and some craftiness can help boost your value.

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It’s slow and steady for you. You don’t get to make luxury picks. Every pick needs to count, needs to be a good value. Using your tiers will help you keep your head and take the best value. If you get lost and lose your focus, you may take a player who, even if you like, will leave you feeling like you are playing catch up to the rest of the league the rest of the draft. Never play catch up. Take the high ground little by little with value picks and don’t give it up.