Rookie Ranks are a tricky thing before the NFL Draft. On the one hand, rookies can’t really be given a value until we know their landing spot (if they are drafted at all). But what we can do is rank these rookies relative to each other based on their college production, talent and combine performances. This is not their final value, but it is a starting point for post-draft rank. After the NFL Draft I will release updated ranks taking the draft into account.

Until then, I’m releasing these ranks for you to consider. These are my own subjective ranks after reading and listening to many sources. They were decided only after reviewing several rankings I trust and running the player’s through my own statistical model combining Dominator Rating, Breakout Age, and Height-Adjusted Speed Score (HASS).

12N'Keal HarryWRWR1
23A.J. BrownWRWR2
36D.K. MetcalfWRWR3
47Miles SandersRBRB1
58Damien HarrisRBRB2
69Hakeem ButlerWRWR4
710David MontgomeryRBRB3
811Darrell HendersonRBRB4
912Josh JacobsRBRB5
1013T.J. HockensonTETE1
1114Noah FantTETE2
1215Parris CampbellWRWR5
1316Deebo SamuelWRWR6
1417Andy IsabellaWRWR7
151Kyler MurrayQBQB1
1618Rodney AndersonRBRB7
1719Mike WeberRBRB6
1820Alex BarnesRBRB8
1921Irv SmithTETE3
2022J.J. Arcega-WhitesideWRWR8
2123Emanuel HallWRWR9
2224Justice HillRBRB9
2325Trayveon WilliamsRBRB10
2426Devin SingletaryRBRB11
2528Ashton DulinWRWR10
2629Marquise BrownWRWR11
2730Terry McLaurinWRWR12
2831Kelvin HarmonWRWR13
2932Jace SternbergerTETE4
3033Alexander MattisonRBRB12
3134Ty JohnsonRBRB13
3235Bryce LoveRBRB14
334Dwayne HaskinsQBQB2
345Will GrierQBQB3
3537Caleb WilsonTETE5
3638Kahale WarringTETE6
3739David SillsWRWR14
3840Miles BoykinWRWR15
3941Greg DortchWRWR16
4042Travis HomerRBRB15
4143Devine OzigboRBRB16
4244James WilliamsRBRB17
4345DaMarkus LodgeWRWR17
4446Jalen HurdWRWR18
4547Jazz FergusonWRWR19
4650Karan HigdonRBRB18
4751Benny SnellRBRB19
4852Nico EvansRBRB20
4953Drew LockQBQB4
5054Daniel JonesQBQB5
5155Dexter WilliamsRBRB21
5256Myles GaskinRBRB22
5357Elijah HolyfieldRBRB23
5458Ryquell ArmsteadRBRB24
5559KeeSean JohnsonWRWR20
5660Riley RidleyWRWR21
5761Stanley MorganWRWR22
5862Gary JenningsWRWR23
5963Penny HartWRWR24
6064Olamide ZaccheausWRWR25
6127Tyree JacksonQBQB6
6236Brett RypienQBQB7
6348Easton StickQBQB8
6449Jarrett StidhamQBQB9

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