Let’s take the Singularity for a ride and look at all the new features including the new Draft Assistant! Download your copy for FREE right here: 2021 Singularity

Before you start, make sure you set up the Custom Scoring with your league’s scoring.

Now you go to the Draft Assistant tab and setup your league.

You can edit the orange cells to fit your league. Number of teams and your draft spot are *very* important. If you aren’t sure how many bench spots you have, just make sure the Roster Size adds up to how many rounds you are drafting.

Start filling in the board as picks are made. Make sure the names match how they appear in the rest of the sheet, check the Rankings if you aren’t sure. But don’t worry, it will tell you if you didn’t get it right. When your draft is finished you can just highlight and delete all your entries to reset the board.

Now we are finally to the meat of the Draft Assistant. There are two parts here.

On top we have remaining players by Singularity projections. From left to right: Number of each position drafted so far. Top 3 projected players at each position. Their Bye week. Projected points and positional rank. The positional rank of this pick if that player is drafted. And if that player is projected to beat the average points of that positional ADP.

On the bottom half is basically the same thing except it shows the top 3 players according to ADP.

Comparing these two will help you find the player values you want to draft.

The Overall Top ADP box lists the top remaining ADP, regardless of position. This just gives you even more context. If there are other players you are interested in, check the Rankings page and ADP Beater.

Finally there is a Team Summary so you can see your whole team, their projections, bye week, what pick you drafted them and also what positional rank it was, and lastly, how their projection compares to the average points of the rank you drafted them.

Hope you enjoy the Draft Assistant and find it useful. Please pass any suggestions my way fusionffb@gmail.com

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