For some time this season I have been crafting a collection of formulas and tools to help me week to week during the football season. Finally, I have combined them in this single more user friendly Beta project of the Start-O-Matic.

The Start-O-Matic takes my Fantasy Command score and adjusts it by opponent to produce a Start Score. These Start Scores are PPR weighted and work across the RB, WR, and TE positions.

Results have been favorable. The list created seems to be well within the consensus wisdom of the crowd. The players you would expect to be at the top generally are. There are some surprises here and there, often created by in season factors like injuries causing starters missing games and backups to play more. If a backup’s Start Score seems high, it probably is and should be viewed as their score if they were starting. I do manually adjust some scores where I can for such cases and make notes for things such as if a player holds an injury tag or is a game time decision.

If you are looking for a quite tie-breaker in deciding a Sit/Start dilemma, give the Start-O-Matic a spin and see what happens.

Be sure to Make a Copy for yourself that you can edit for your team, or just browser the overall rankings.

Open the Start-O-Matic

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