Every week I look over the games and write down my thoughts, notes on stats or trends, and any predictions I may have. I do this just for myself already in preparation for the Next Week, Tonight series. I also have included Over/Under lines as that is valuable in a few ways when predicting gamescripts, as well as simply for any bets one wishes to make.

I’ve decided to try publishing these as is with limited editing. Hopefully they are of some use and will at least be sources of discussion and full transparency of my takes.


Bucs @ Panthers Thursday O/U 49.5

  • Winston will tone it down. Means less overall production, but more to Evans. 
  • Panthers still a good D play. 
  • Bad Godwin game. 
  • Bad Bucs RB game. 
  • Evans and Howard day
  • CMC gonna eat again
  • Panthers win, take under (Its Thursday, as if they are hitting 50 total? Really?)

Cards @ Ravens O/U 47

  • Cards will struggle a bit again. But find some success. 
  • Kirk and Murray just had their preseason game. But the idea he wouldn’t play much was proven wrong. 12 targets to Kirk week 1. Still top 12 air yards. 
  • Murray will run more than week 1.
  • David Johnson will need targets to produce.
  • Cards will bring more help to stop Brown. Means more for Andrews and Boykin and RBs.
  • Great Ingram game
  • Ravens Win, Take Over

Bills @ Giants O/U 43.5

  • Singletary will disappoint.
  • John Brown continue to dominate
  • Cody Latimer, surprise fantasy WR2
  • Engram is a beast why didn’t I get more of him even though I had him as season’s TE4?
  • Saquon will keep having solid games like week 1 but no big CMC type games. Consistent though.
  • Bills win, Take Over

Cowboys @ Redskins O/U 46.5

  • Gallup to play the Desean Jackson role, as in get big targets while Amari draws attention
  • Solid game for Zeke
  • How long till Harmon takes over for Richardson?
  • Terry out here starting and Haskins isn’t even QB. Might still be a buy low.
  • or will Reed’s return take some of Terry’s volume?
  • Expanded Chris Thompson usage. Think back a couple years ago in the second half of the season. Not AP
  • Cowboys win, take Over

Colts @ Titans O/U 44.5

  • Titans Defense continues to bog down good offenses.
  • Good game for Henry again
  • Mack may struggle
  • Deon Cain or Perris Campbell to step up
  • Hilton fed inefficiently.
  • Corey Davis breakout, or at least do….something.
  • Titans win, take Over

Seahawks @ Steelers O/U 46.5

  • Seahawks forced a bit more to throw
  • Steelers are still throwing a lot but inefficiently
  • Another rough Conner game
  • Juju rebounds if healthy
  • James Washington had high air yards week 1, has chance to take over WR2 spot
  • Carson should eat again
  • Big game for DK Metcalf, if Dorsett can do it, DK can
  • Seahawks win, take Over

49ers @ Bengals O/U 45

  • Good offenses bad defenses, good recipe
  • Pettis plays more
  • Kittle still the man
  • Bengals offense is surprising
  • Boyd still safe
  • Damion Wilis had most Bengal WR snaps. No idea what that means except maybe he has room to get more involved?
  • Eifert Game?
  • Bengals Win, take Under

Chargers @ Lions O/U 47.5

  • What defense?
  • Kerryon isn’t Mack and doesn’t have his O Line, but still room for success
  • Ekeler keep eating. DJ-like game.
  • Mike Williams profit from Henry loss, but still in Keenan’s shadow
  • Hockinson is the real deal
  • Amendola continue getting volume
  • Chargers win, take Over

Vikings @ Packers O/U 44

  • There’s the defenses. Another ugly game.
  • Bad day for Packer RBs again.
  • Another MVS game

Jags @ Texans O/U 43

  • Is this line right? 
  • These Defenses aren’t great anymore.
  • Minchew capable of moving offense. 
  • Good day for Fournette and Dede
  • Chark contained
  • Hopkins keep killing it
  • Duke may find success in air like Damien Williams did
  • Texans win, well Over

Pats @ Dolphins O/U 48

  • Patriots D is for real
  • Drake keeps getting the work playing from behind in junk time.
  • Sony gets more volume
  • If AB plays he does fine, if not, swap Dorsett in
  • Pats will win by double digits and still keep total under 48

Chiefs @ Raiders O/U 52.5

  • Who’s the fastest Raider? That guy vs Chiefs (It’s Tyrell)
  • Jacobs better be able to catch (he can)
  • Sammy isn’t stopping till a foot falls off
  • McCoy game over D.Will.
  • Oh there you are Kelce.
  • Chiefs win, take Over

Saints @ Rams O/U 52

  • It’s going Over
  • Classic Gurley game (think Week 1 but Kamara and Lat combined)
  • Speaking of Kamara, doing best CMC impersonation
  • Latavius not getting left out. No one is.
  • Saints (Brees) win, Over

Bears @ Broncos O/U 40.5

  • Bears with chance to show they can at least do what Raiders can.
  • Trubisky throwing quick to Cohen or running for life.
  • Allen Robinson real deal
  • Broncos need Sutton to step up, difference between win and loss
  • Sanders solid either way
  • Bears win, barely Over

Eagles @ Falcons –  Sunday Night O/U 50.5

  • Eagles defense hasn’t found itself yet.
  • Miles Sanders earned the shot and can make it count
  • Jeffery/Ertz game more than Jackson
  • Falcons offense bounces back. But not the running backs.
  • Yes to all Falcon pass catchers.
  • Falcons win, Over

Browns @ Jets – Monday O/U 45.5

  • Browns better get mad
  • Problem is, Jets D line is good, Browns O line is not
  • Need to run ball, slow down the pass rush.
  • More quick passes to Landry
  • Darnold vs Baker will be fun
  • Just kidding, Siemien playing
  • Bell can make Browns pay for missed tackles like Henry. Unless Bell is hurt?
  • Ryan Griffin may get involved by necessity. They miss Herndon.
  • Profit from Crowder for another week before selling.
  • Browns win, take ugly Under

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