I hope you all had a happy Easter. Now that the free agency dust has settled I thought I would highlight three players, one each at WR, RB and TE, that I think you may be able to acquire via trade very cheap. Each with the potential to deliver well above their investment for the cost to acquire. Please note in this article and most any article where I reference trade value (unless stated otherwise) is based on a 12 team Superflex TE premium league. I’ve used pick values for simplicity sake, but these player might be able to be acquired for an upside flyer you don’t believe in or a veteran in the same category you think wont succeed.

Sammy Watkins WR Baltimore Ravens

A far fall from grace from Sammy’s previous foray into free agency, when he signed with Chiefs for 16 millions a year. This time signing with the Baltimore Ravens on a one year contract worth $6 million with $5 million guaranteed. He also goes from one of the league’s most explosive offenses on Chiefs to the Ravens who were dead last in pass attempts in 2020. 

So why do I think Watkins is a buy? The first is his price, this is a guy you can probably acquire in most leagues for a mid 3rd to early 4th round rookie pick. 

The second is opportunity. Despite the Chiefs throwing 224 more times than the Ravens, Watkins only averaged 5.5 targets a game, with a target share of 13.9%. This is because the Chiefs have two elite receiving options in Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce, plus a host of others. The Ravens don’t present the same challenges to opportunity. Marquise Brown started to come on in the second half of the year and Mark Andrews is a talented TE but they are not Hill and Kelce. 

I expect Watkins to return to the No.1 receiver role in Baltimore he held earlier in his career. He may not have all the physical ability of a younger Sammy Watkins but he still has most of it. Still just 27 years old with a wiser older head on his shoulders I expect him to flourish in Baltimore. Is he going to be a fantasy WR1? No of course not, but I expect him to return value in late WR2 range (18-24). For the cost to acquire, that’s a steal. 

Mike Davis RB Atlanta Falcons

Mike Davis signed a two year 5.5 million dollar contract with the Atlanta Falcons that has 3 million guaranteed. As of today I can’t see how Davis is not a locked and loaded RB 2 (12-24 not the RB2) for Fantasy Purposes. 

Davis stepped in admirably for Carolina once Christian McCaffrey got hurt, averaging over 15 points-per-game in PPR leagues. Todd Gurley got 195 carries and 35 targets in Atlanta’s offense despite being phased out almost completely after the week 10 bye. Hence with little competition in the Atlanta backfield, we could be looking at Mike Davis getting 200 carries and 70 Targets. 

The fear here is that Atlanta could take one of the top three rated RB’s from the 2021 draft near the top of round two. Those being Najee Harris, Travis Eitenne and Javonte Williams. Whilst entirely possible, that’s currently factored into the price you would have to pay for Davis which is an early 3rd round rookie pick. Maybe a late 2nd ….maybe. Then take into account Matt Ryan‘s extension which indicates Atlanta thinks it can retool and compete. If a more valuable position is available near the top of round two are they really going to take a running back?  I think precisely the reason the Falcons signed Mike Davis is so they were not locked into needing a RB if a player with more positional value fell to them in round two. 

Still not convinced? Wait until after the NFL draft Mike Davis is not a sexy name and his value is not going to increase immensely if the Falcons pass on those rookie running backs. After the NFL draft during your rookie drafts would be the perfect time to put out a trade to the Davis owner.  Unless they are surefire contenders, during the draft they are going to get excited and hastily accept that 3rd round rookie pick. Even at his floor of a weekly flex play that’s worth the cost. 

Gerald Everett TE Seattle Seahawks

Gerald Everett signed a one year 7 millions dollar contract with the Seattle Seahawks, 6 million Guaranteed. Seemingly listed as a potential breakout player every year since second season with the Rams, could he finally break out on the Seahawks? Honestly I don’t know, but for what you have to pay to get him I’m willing to find out.  

We’ve all heard ad nauseam over the years what an elite athlete Everett is, but why don’t I remind you. 94th  percentile burst score, 81st percentile agility score and 87th percentile catch radius.

He also set career highs with 41 catches for 417 yards whilst only playing 57% of the snaps, and running only 17.5 routes per a game. 

The biggest reason I think Everett is a dynasty buy isn’t the what but the who.  The Seahawks new OC Shane Waldron, comes from the Rams where he was their passing game co-ordinator and quarterbacks coach. Waldron was formerly the Rams TE coach and has a close relationship with Everett.  Waldron obviously drove this signing to happen and has had nothing but praise for Everett

When you factor in the praise from Waldron who specifically bought him in, the step up in QB from Jared Goff to Russell Wilson. Then finally a Seahawks team bereft in receiving options after DK Metcalf  and Tyler Lockett, it’s easy to get excited about Everett. He could genuinely be the third option in the passing game. Unless the owner in your league is a diehard Everett truther (there might be some still out there) he is also a player you should be able to pick up for a late 2nd or an early 3rd round rookie pick.  He has mid TE1 upside.

I would like to thank https://dynastytradecalculator.com/ for allowing me to use screenshots of their player and picks values. Please follow my crew on Twitter @ToiletsToTitles you can find me @LiveFromTheBen and if you are reading this I’m sure you are following @FusionFFB but if not make sure you do! 

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