Fusion Fantasy Football’s 2021 Singularity has arrived! My entire NFL, Team and Player level projections and more!

You can download the PDF version with all the NFL stats, Team Snapshots, and Top 200 ranked players, QB stats, and positional ranks.

The Excel Spreadsheet has all that and more as you can also filter the full Rankings, including by Custom Scoring which you can edit, and more new tools coming this year.

It will *only* work with Excel, however, the Free Mobile Excel for phones and tablets will run it just fine and let you use it easily on the go at live drafts or even during online drafts.

The new Draft Assistant feature is detailed here: Draft Assistant Walkthrough

Excel Spreadsheet Extra Features:

  • NFL Stats
  • Team Snapshots
  • Sortable Rankings with over 300 players
  • Sortable Top 200 Players
  • Sortable QB Stats
  • Custom Scoring Integrated Tools:
  • *New* Quarterback/Receiver Stack Finder
  • *New* ADP Beater
  • *New* Draft Assistant

Download the Spreadsheet:

PDF Features:

  • NFL Stats
  • Team Snapshots
  • Top 200 Players
  • Positional Ranks
  • QB Stats

Download the PDF:

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