If we bumped into each other at the coffee shop, would you buy me a coffee as a thanks for all the fantasy info I try to provide you? Well here’s your chance!

That’s right! The shop is open and the Singularity, FusionFFB’s own 2019 Fantasy Rankings and Projections, is available for purchase!

You can get it in just a simple PDF, or in the full Excel spreadsheet form.

Visit the Fusion Shop

The Singularity is FusionFFB’s top to bottom 2019 NFL fantasy projections.

The Singularity includes:

  • Team by Team projection snapshots, see the entire team in context.
  • Individual rankings with stats, and in simple rank format.
  • Custom Scoring! Ranks will change according to YOUR league.
  • Team level stats across the league for comparison.
  • League level stats to compare.

Two future updates planned:

  • By August 9th: ADP and Bye week integration & Player Updates.
  • By August 16th: Team & Player Notes. Final Player Updates.
  • Additional Updates as seen fit by me. No promises.

The shop has a fully secure checkout with payment options using PayPal or Stripe.

You’ll get a download link in your email (save that for updates), download and open!

It is only guaranteed to work properly in Excel. While other spreadsheet programs will open it, not all features or formatting may work as intended.

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