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Ok, I love Yards Per Team Pass Attempt, but we need a consistent abbreviation.

Options I've seen:

Something else?

I had a great time talking rookie evaluation process with @JerrickBackous and breaking down a rookie WR sleeper in Isaiah McKoy on the latest @RookieFever rookie profile.

We have officially entered pre draft pessimism stage. So I would suggest not trading your rookie picks until your rookie draft is soon to start and the fever spikes again.

Do yourself a favour and go check @FusionFFB @Generally_aware Fusion rookie vision at the link below. The bloke is criminally underfollowed just drops prime time data...

This is an overreaction to a very high QB scoring year.
While QB scoring is increasing and becoming more consistent at the top among the Konami QBs, defenses were simply obliterated last year.
I have to conclude QB scoring will settle.
This is 2017-2019 avg VS 2020 for top QBs

But if we're talking NFL, and if I was Cincinnati, I would be taking Pitts over Chase. (Between the 2 cuz they shouldn't take either)
They need a wide receiver three and a tight end, and he can do both.
Still taking Chase first in fantasy though ๐Ÿ˜

People, DO NOT miss this show. We had away too much fun and hit on real FF debates like can Newton, Carolina QBs, Cam Akers, Marquise Brown and Antonio Gibson.

#FantasyFootball #FakeFootballFight

2021 Prospect Success Indicator (PSI) Pre-Draft Report
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Thought I'd have a chance to post on this sooner but before too much time passes:

I was wrong.

I had game (LSU) still counting in the data for the games adjusted YPTPA that put Toney at 2.3 and Pitts at 2.1

Pitts was really 2.5

This is why I don't like adjusting for games๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ

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