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You can read the whole article on how I did this along with 2019's evaluation right here:

Part 2 of the Free Agency Free For All with @Clockdodgers is now out! Didn't want to keep you all waiting.
Of course, Melvin and Gurley signed the next day.

Also, we're now aware we missed the Colts.
Buy Parris Campbell. There. That's done.

I was a guest on a podcast and for that reason you should listen.

Thatโ€™s not enough?

Need more reasons?

We talked about Watson without Hopkins, if Diggs & Brown can both go for 100 yds in Buffalo and whether Brady news a couple more weapons in Tampa.

Now go listen ๐Ÿ”ฅ

It would be really easy to take this and say "See, Arians doesn't use Tight Ends" and that may very well have some truth.
But read the rest of the thread before you make conclusions.

๐ŸŽ™๏ธ New Episode!
I'm joined by Neal from @Clockdodgers to try and cover Free Agency moves and trades.
But we don't just talk about who moved, we're talking about what changed for everyone else on the teams they joined and left behind.

Part 2 coming soon

What are your biggest questions on players caught in the wake of these trades and free agent signings?

Who may be hurt or benefit from the moves?

Get your questions in before we record a free agency free for all with a special guest tonight for the next podcast

RB Landing Spots updated
-2 D. Johnsons in Houston
-Drake Transition tagged
-TB using lot of TB cap
-Made Miami a committee but they still need all-around/satellite.
-Mckinnon restructured by SF
-Hunt with 2nd rd Tender

Arizona alone at top

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