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Players to add a week ahead before the weekend or just to set up streamers for your Week 8 Byes, and several trades you should be looking into.

Allen Robinson has a higher air yards team share than Mooney since Week 3 (since Fields became the starter).

I bet that's not something most people would guess.
Allen Robinson is a league winner at his current price.

Add Fuller (to IR👍)
Add Preston
Acquire Gaskin if cheap
Acquire Parker
Get ready to sell Gesicki

I'd say add Deshawn Watson but it's probably too late for that.
Still time to get ahead of trade implications though

Geez I should have done a whole Miami segment


Week 6 Recap for #NextWeekTonight
Two week ago the show gave Week 6 streamers and players to add before the Week 5 games.

Here's the show:
Let's see how I did:

Never forget that many of the accounts that told you Etienne's talent would help him take the starting job over James Robinson before his injury then told you afterwards Urban Meyer wouldn't care about Robinson's talent and would use Hyde enough to keep Robinson outside RB12

#NextWeekTonight Addendums:
- Nico Collins was still not activated when I recorded, but he just was. Grab him or Chris Moore.
- I said Falcons in this tweet, It's actually Vikings instead.
- Ricky Seals-Jones was a pickup in last week's Week 6 show.
Also a streaming option now

I know you're all just thinking about Week 6 but I really really really think you need to take a moment to check your Week 7 Byes...

Check this short #NextWeekTonight to set yourself up for Week 7 NOW

You all have had and hour and a half to get 7 minutes into this week's #NextWeekTonight and should already have added Preston Williams LET'S GO

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