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On last week's Podcast episode I talked about how your league should have reasons to keep playing, making the waiver debate irrelevant anyway.

Here's a really ingenious way of doing that for dynasties. 👍

Seemingly unpopular take on Twitter these days:

N'Keak Harry > Marquise Brown

If for some inconceivable reason I had Brown on a dynasty, I would try to trade him for Harry+ right now.

@SuperFlexPod brings back the @SuperFlexTrades Show “playoff edition” for your listening pleasure!

Tons of #Superflex trades from recent and less recent for some perspective!

@DFF_Swag tells me what to do with Rookie QBs like:

Strong arguments!!! This is why you should let every owner play every week... even if out of contention!

Did I make an entire podcast episode to argue for why everyone should stay involved in waivers through the playoffs?

Yes. Yes I did.

Is that a bit ridiculous?


Am I embarrassed by this?

Not. One. Bit.

🎙️Ep 66 Waivers For All

I say I want people to listen

But I also make 30-minute recordings ranting about how waivers should be open to everyone even through the playoffs, even in redraft.


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