All mock drafts should just get turned into best balls when they're done.
I don't just want to draft experimental teams I want to see how they actually work out in season.

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When you start a draft this way, with 6 flex spots, you cripple each and every team. No dedicated quarterback spots, though I drafted Fitz/Taysom.

Also, TE Prem.

I’m ready to crush this @FusionFFB FusionFlex league!

I get asked a lot if it matters when an NFL team trades up for a RB...

Insert @aaronstew09 with an incredible article detailing all the trade-up RBs of the past 10 years and how they did as rookies compared to non trade-up RBs


STOP trying to be the next @jlarkytweets

Josh was not trying to be the next Josh when he started out.

His current role didn't exist 20 years ago.

I'm guessing you want to know what you "should" be focusing on now to break into the fantasy football

Did you know you can use the Singularity with the free mobile Excel app? You don't need to buy the full version of Excel to get all the functionality of #TheSingularity.

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I have 4 vacancies in one of my charity leagues. Winner gets a Kenny Golladay autographed jersey from @PristineAuction $40 donation to join, 100% of donation goes to Toys for Tots. Let me know if you want in. DMs are always open.

I am SO freakin excited about the ADP Beater now being integrated into #TheSingularity
With Custom Scoring!
You have GOT to check this tool out in the next release. I might even push this one out early 😆


Tomorrow is the big day! 🎉

Fall of the Angels officially launches after 6 years of writing. Be like Connie Wonnie (aka @ConnorRaymer) and pick up your copy at the link below:

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