It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Redraft Season! The Toilets to Titles Podcast has recently been graciously invited to collaborate with the Fusion Fantasy Football brand to fuse their rankings together. Those rankings are available here on to help you out with your own ranks or drafting needs… But we didn’t stop there! Oh, no… That’s right. We also put together a fantastic and brilliant group of fantasy football minds to have a Redraft Mock Draft Bonanza!

I, Justin (Toilets to Titles Co-Host), took this episode off to focus on the recording of the show and writing this article to sum everything up. Nate (T2T Co-Host) and a few of the other guests each took 2 different draft spots, while Joshua (our Fusion cohort) and John (T2T Co-Host) each took a team themselves. Let me start off by showing you the draft!

There were a few surprise picks along the way and this article would be entirely too long if I wrote it all out pick by pick. However, I did make it much easier to break down each team by adding the image below, broken down by position for each team.

Here is a quick paragraph on each team along with each team owner’s own self evaluation. They were drafting a PPR league with 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 2Flex, 3 Bench.

Team 1- John Schepps

Toilets to Titles Co-Host, @CoachSchepps

“I went high ceiling early with Jackson, Barkley and Ertz to get top guys at each of their positions. Then I went high floor guys with Edelman, Emanuel Sanders, Ingram, DJ Moore. With these high floors I need two guys between Pollard and the 3 rookies in order for this team to be competitive.”  -John Schepps

My thoughts: In a 9 player starting lineup, John definitely has top players at 5 of the positions. It was a bit surprising to see Lamar Jackson this early in a 1 QB league, but you know he’s going in the 3rd or 4th, so if you are on the turn and you want a guy, you almost have to throw out the ADP and just get your guy. He will need 2 of his WRs to hit regularly to sustain a consistent starting lineup and his bench is filled with potential, not proven talent.

Team 2- Shane P. Hallam

@ShanePHallam and 

“I like this team. I think this is one that could win it. I think there is nice balance. I got some nice stacks. Brady/Godwin/RoJo. So yeah, I think this is one that has some upside but has a nice floor too.” -Shane Hallam

My thoughts: I can appreciate the very humble brag of Shane here. I personally try to have at least one good stack in every team I draft and as Shane pointed out, he has that with Brady and Godwin. I’m not sure that I would add Ronald Jones in as a “good” stack, but to each their own. Shane did end with a well rounded and balanced team.

Team 3- Mike Jernigan

@MikeJernigan79 “The Fantasy Free Agent”

“I like this team quite a bit. I kind of wish I had not taken a 2nd TE and took 1 more WR, but I think with a little luck, this could be a competitive team.”  -Mike Jernigan

My thoughts: This team by far has my favorite RB squad. Zeke, Jacobs, Bell, Akers and Vaughn. It doesn’t get any better than that. His WR’s do have a lot of question marks so he is probably correct that another WR may have been better than a 2nd TE, but there is still a lot of talent with the WR’s he does have. I really liked the value of most of the players thatMike took in this draft.

Team 4- Bob Harris

@FootballDiehard, @SiriusXMFantasy and

“I love this team. I would have loved it better if I would have got the handcuffs that I was after, but they went a little earlier than I expected. But I do love my starting lineup here at every position.”   -Bob Harris

My thoughts: Aside from Dalvin Cook, almost every guy Bob drafted here was at a great value compared to ADP. And Cook was close to his ADP. In 1 TE leagues with no premium, I stay away from the early TE’s, but Andrews fits nicely with this starting lineup and I see a big bounce back season for OBJ and a lot of opportunity for Cooks to excel in Houston. This is a solid roster.

Team 5- MJ Hurley

@MJHurley47, @NextManUp_wMJ and 

“This team is how I would normally draft a team. I’m normally a guy who drafts a little bit unconventionally and takes some risks. This team is higher risk, but lower floor.”  -MJ Hurley

My thoughts: MJ explains his strategy a bit more in the podcast, but I will never personally understand the concept of drafting a QB in the 1st round. It causes a trickle down that affects every other position in your draft and makes it so that the QB you take pretty much has to finish at or close to the QB1 overall week in and week out. Plus, nobody else is doing this either. If you have to have Mahomes/Jackson, it’s still a huge reach in the 2nd, so get them there and at least take that top available RB. Imagine if this team started with Kamara and Mahomes rather than Mahomes and Jones. Right there it’s already an improvement unless you think Aaron Jones has no regression. Overall this is still a talented starting lineup and MJ could still compete.

Team 6- Nate Wallen

Toilets to Titles Co-Host @Nate_Dirt19

“I like this one quite a bit better than the other team I drafted. This one is a lot more well rounded. Heavy hitters at RB and big play guys that can pick up some slack at WR.”  -Nate Wallen

My thoughts: We’ll get to the 2nd team that Nate referred to in just a moment. For this team, I love that Nate got Watson in the 7th round. In comparison to the Mahomes in the 1st strategy, Nate was able to get 6 other starting spots before getting a QB that won’t be very far off from Mahomes most weeks. He does also have 3 very viable starting RBs and a lot of big play potential at WR. Most people (not myself) would say that having Jace Sternberger as your only TE may mean trouble, but you can always stream that position with the many TEs still available.

Team 7- Bob Harris

@FootballDiehard, @SiriusXMFantasy and

“Going 2 QBs was a little bit risky but I liked the upside there. I have a great reception Corp. with my top 3 RBs and I went with all big play threats at WR.”  -Bob Harris

My thoughts: This is Bob’s 2nd team he drafted in this mock. Wentz and Stafford are both big fantasy points per game sort of guys compared to their ADP. The problem is that they both have trouble staying healthy. So actually kind of like doubling them up on the same roster here. If they stay healthy, Bob can play the matchups each week and have a great season at the position without spending high draft picks for the position. His WR Corp would be a great Best-Ball squad. It may be tough most weeks to determine who to start after Evans in this group. I can see a lot of frustration for the guys that draft these WRs and a lot of potential points left on the bench. Although, as he stated, he is making up for some of those receptions in PPR by gaining them with his RBs. 

Team 8- Joshua Bigbee

@FusionFFB, @Generally_aware and

“I love it. The plan worked. Hit the RBs early and then pound the WRs later. May have waited a little too late at QB, but still have a lot out there to stream.”  -Joshua Bigbee

My thoughts: He’s right. This is a great team. He has a lot of guys that will finish top 12 at their positions most weeks. He would likely take another QB later to play the matchups with Cam. 

Team 9- MJ Hurley

@MJHurley47, @NextManUp_wMJ and

“Not a big fan of my RBs but other than that I think it’s a very well balanced team.”  -MJ Hurley

My thoughts: This was MJ’s 2nd team to draft. He went off brand from his normal strategy with this one and waited until the 4th round to take his QB in Dak Prescott. I think this helped give him that balance that he was speaking of. We have to understand that Sony was perceived to be healthy and the likely go-to-guy in NE when this mock happened. I’m also a big fan of the Rodgers/Lazard stack late in the draft. It is a low risk move with possible high return.

Team 10- Mike Jernigan

@MikeJernigan79 “The Fantasy Free Agent”

“This is the very reason that I don’t go WR heavy towards the beginning of drafts, because of that RB cliff. And since I went WR early, it was a bit much to take Kittle where I did as well.”  -Mike Jernigan

My thoughts: This is Mike’s 2nd team in this mock. This is a classic example of what your team will look like if you punt the RB position. This team would be frustrating to run all season and Mike would likely have to make a trade to get an RB after the draft anyway. Just as I am not a fan of drafting QBs early, I also don’t like taking TEs early in 1TE, no premium leagues for pretty much all of the same reasons. You may also notice that Mike took James White the pick before Sony went. That worked out even better than he may have expected.

Team 11- Nate Wallen

Toilets to Titles Co-Host @Nate_Dirt19

“Turned out better than I thought not taking my first RB till the 5th, but I think my WRs will carry me through.”  -Nate Wallen

My thoughts: This is Nate’s 2nd team in this mock. Between the 2 teams he drafted, he took 6 WRs out of 8 picks in the first 4 rounds. The next most was Shane who took 4. Everyone else took 2 or 3. John and Joshua were the teams that drafted 1 team each, so if you combine their teams, they drafted 1 WR in the first 4 rounds. The moral of the story here is that Nate love’s early WRs. Everyone else does not. Early WR is not a very common draft strategy this year, but if the right player falls to you at the right value and he is your guy, go for it. That’s the beauty of fantasy football. It’s your team, so have fun with it. For this particular team, Nate paired Marlon Mack up with J.K. Dobbins. Mack is expected to still have some relevance early in the season with Dobbins expecting to take more of a workload at the end of the season, but neither of these can be guaranteed. Nate would have to make a trade and rely heavily on his amazing WR corp., but it could happen. 

Team 12-  Shane P. Hallam

@ShanePHallam and

“It’s too young. I don’t take Rookies, especially this year. But my big play WRs give me a solid floor.”  -Shane P. Hallam

My thoughts: 7 of his 12 players are very young, including his top 3 RBs. Swift is likely going to be the lead back sooner rather than later, but is taking over as the lead back for a team that finished 21st overall in the league in rushing yards last season and faces a tough schedule where I see them playing from behind and passing a lot. Taylor is the best talent in the Colts backfield, but there are a lot of questions as to how much that will really mean to Frank Reich and his coaching staff. I am not personally in the “CEH is a 1st round draft pick” camp, but there is no doubt that he is talented and he is going to come in as the lead back in a run friendly offense. I’m not a big fan of this team, but the potential for big games is insane. Also, it could be an extremely fun team to watch on Sundays. 

Don’t forget, you can check out the entire mock draft on the Toilets to Titles YouTube channel ( ) and please follow all of these great fantasy football minds! 


Justin Stephens

Co-Host of Toilets to Titles



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