Every week I’ll be running through the teams to pick out any names to be aware of for waivers. Then I’ll let you know who the most popular picks and what priorities you should adjust according to what I’m hearing.

Game Notes

Baltimore Ravens     23
Cincinnati Bengals   34

  • Mixon is out what I’m hearing is 2 weeks minimum, so get Gio if he’s not owned. Mark Walton is the next name up to know.
  • Tyler Boyd is likely roster worthy.
  • Hope you got John Brown week 1 like I told you on Signing the Waiver.
  • Mark Andrews is getting interesting in deep or TE premium leagues.

Kansas City Chiefs     42
Pittsburgh Steelers   37

This game was everything it was promised to be, oh my.

  • Sammy Watkins: not a bust. But Chris Conley is the truther player that we all forgot about. Name to remember in case of injury.
  • James Washington: Remember those couple games last year that Juju was getting snaps and some targets just before he broke out? Last warning. 66 Snaps, 80%, 5 Targets.

Houston Texans       17
Tennessee Titans     20

  • Ugly ugly game. Taywan Taylor was pretty though.

Miami Dolphins     20
New York Jets         12

  • Albert Wilson is the name here if he’s still unowned. Not sure about Amendola’s health, but that’s kind of the point isn’t it?
  • I know I know but…Terrelle Pryor is someone to keep an eye on.
  • Bilal Powell is doing that thing where he scores a bunch of PPR fantasy points in really ugly ways.

Cleveland Browns       18
New Orleans Saints    21

  • Tyrod salvaged his day but if he keeps looking this ugly, Baker may be on the way.
  • I wish they’d just play Chubb. Looks great. Stash if you have room or just be ready to grab him at the first sign of workload.
  • Callaway is going to get the chance with Gordon gone. If still on waivers he will likely be a top option.

Minnesota Vikings     29
Green Bay Packers     29     OT

  • Could it possibly be Treadwell time? At least be ready to grab him if you hear anything about injury to Diggs or Thielen.
  • Aaron Jones is back. And I bet he’ll get the chance to be the RB1 over what we’ve seen from Jamaal Williams.

Indianapolis Colts        21
Washington Redskins  9

  • uhh…next

Philadelphia Eagles          21
Tampa Bay Buccaneers   27

  • Hope you grabbed Corey Clement (Signing the Waiver)
  • Joshua Perkins? Kamar Aiken? Gibson? Man I don’t know.
  • Guys…I think it’s time to pick up Ronald Jones. I don’t even like him but its worth a chance if you can stash. If they give him the chance I think they will but he’s just trash, you can just cut him.
  • If OJ Howard has been floating around out there this is probably your last chance to grab him. Brate has been doing nothing. Only 24% of snaps to Howards 79%.

Los Angeles Chargers    31
Buffalo Bills                      20

  • McCoy doesn’t have a rib injury…but he DOES have rib cartilage injury. Huh? Ivory is the clear replacement here but if you want a guy you can grab for free after waivers run it is Marcus Murphy. More of a receiving back on a team that will be playing from behind a lot.

Carolina Panthers    24
Atlanta Falcons         31

  • Freeman will be missing a few more weeks so grab Ito Smith in any deeper leagues.

Detroit Lions               27
San Francisco 49ers   30

  • Not much for waivers here. I’m sticking by Pettis though.

Arizona Cardinals    0
Los Angeles Rams     34

  • Christian Kirk hasn’t been getting the buzz of many rookies, but if Fitz is starting to break down and if there’s a change in QB, Kirk could quickly find himself the go to option. Needs to be owned.

New England Patriots    20
Jacksonville Jaguars       31

  • Corey Grant needs to be owned, especially by Fournette owners who missed on Yeldon. More of a 1:1 replacement play while Yeldon could get something any week.
  • If you stashed Patterson I think that dream is over with the addition of Josh Gordon.

Oakland Raiders     19
Denver Broncos      20

  • I saw a little Butt. Might be time to grab some for your teams.

New York Giants    13
Dallas Cowboys      20

  • Nope.

Popular Priorities

Here are the names I’m hearing or I came up with and in their general consensus order, FAAB bid percentages given for whoever I was hearing it:

  1. Gio Bernard 25-30% FAAB
  2. John Brown or Keelan Cole 17-20% FAAB
  3. Corey Clement 15%
  4. Antonio Callaway
  5. Dante Pettis (they’re playing KC)
  6. Albert Wilson
  7. Tyler Boyd
  8. James Washington
  9. Christian Kirk
  10. Chris Ivory
  11. Bilal Powell
  12. Corey Grant
  13. OJ Howard
  14. Ito Smith or Mark Walton
  15. Ronald Jones II
  16. Jake Butt or Mark Andrews

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